Cirque Montage

A captivating array of art, music, comedy and athleticism!

For nearly a decade, WonderWorld Entertainment has provided Cirque inspired theatrical productions of all types featuring former artists of Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, O, KA, and Wintuk.  This troupe of eleven international, award-winning performers hails from eight different countries including England, Russia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Turkmenistan, Japan, and the USA.  2008 was a groundbreaking year as WonderWorld premiered its own theatrical show, Montage, in Los Angeles.  For the first time, general audiences had a chance to see a performance that the Los Angeles Times called "mind boggling... that keeps the audience gasping."

Branson’s acrobatic shows provide everyone in the family, from preschoolers to grandparents, or just about anyone else who enjoys watching the color, action, and excitement of shows featuring skilled acrobats and performers doing unusual feats of grace, daring, physical prowess and dexterity, with a wonderful and different entertainment experience.

The show features a rapid succession of acts, all which require strength and agility.