VVF Athletics

Since our inception in 1981, major international athletic events and programs have served as a defining cornerstone for both the Vail Valley and the Vail Valley Foundation.  The VVF annually ensures that the international spotlight continues to shine on our valley with a full slate of diverse athletic offerings.

Our annual slate of athletic events provide:

  • 150,000 On-Site Spectators Annually
  • 850,000,000 Worldwide Television Viewers
  • Over $15,000,000 in Economic Impact For Community

Nowhere is this economic impact more evident than in the successful bid to host our third FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2015.  This prestigious event, second only to the Olympics in scope and scale, is expected to result in:

  • An Estimated 200,000 On-Site Spectators
  • An Anticipated 750,000,000 Worldwide Television Viewers
  • An approximate $50,000,000 Direct Impact To The Community