PwrHRS Anti-Bullying Program

Anti-bullying is a commitment to instilling confidence and increasing awareness of bullying. This program also works to provide students with tools to prevent bullying with a focus on prevention, intervention and empowerment. 

Number of participants: 35 students
Ages: 6-18 yrs | 1st-12th grades
Locations: Edwards and Gypsum WECMRD facilities
Contact: Bratzo Horruitiner at or 970.748.5983

Congratulations Anti-Bullying Program!

JuiJitsu Open

After 21 weeks of training, the anti-bullying programming attended the JuiJitsu Colorado Open and had tremendous success. The details are below.

Who:  20 kids (6 girls, 14 boys); 70% of them are in the program due to bullying and self-esteem issues What:  Colorado Jiujitsu Open, the largest competition of its kind in the state Where: Denver Colliseum When:  August 24, 2013

Competition acted as a catalyst of everything they had learned throughout the program about standing up for themselves, confronting their fears and using non-violent techniques to defend themselves. They took home 12 medals overall among hundreds of competitors accross all age, weight and belt levels.


• The US government website against bullying provides no sound solution for a child who is targeted by a persistent bully.
• Every day in the United States, an estimated 150,000 kids miss school due to fear or intimidation.
• Bullying is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem in children.
• Only 15% of kids actually report acts of bullying.
• Children who are bullied spend a lot of time thinking up ways to avoid the trauma and have little energy left for learning.
• Children who bully continue these learned behaviors into adulthood and are at increased risk of bullying their own children, failing at interpersonal relationships, losing jobs, and ending up in jail. It’s easier to build healthy children than fix broken adults.
• Bystanders that observe the bullying either walk away, jump in as accomplices, or actively intervene and help the bullied child. All these options come at a price.


VVF's YouthPower365's Anti-Bullying program operates in Eagle County elementary, middle and high schools for both girls and boys.  The program uses world famous  Gracie Combative techniques and trainings as well as the expertise of two World Champion Martial Artists to teach kids the ability to stand up to a bully and understand components of bullying from the perspectives of the bully,bullied and bystander. While the program teaches students how to physically defend themselves from attacks, the main goal is to teach students how to best deal with bullying situations, verbally, nonverbally, and safely.

YouthPower365and Western Eagle Country Metropolitan Recreational District (WECMRD) are now offering Monday-Thursday evening classes at WECMRD's Edwards and Gypsum Facilities. Scholarships are available! For more information call WECMRD at 970-777-8888 or contact Bratzo Horruitiner at