Group Mentors


Starting Fall 2017, YouthPower365 is introducing a new college & career readiness mentoring program for 6th graders in Eagle County Schools. 

WHAT IS GROUP MENTORING?_________________________________________________________________

Group mentoring is an avenue to support, guide and empower a small group of students during a critical time in their lives. YP365’s inaugural year of group mentoring will pave the way for one-on-one mentors to be introduced as students progress to high school. In conjunction with mentoring, students and their parents will also receive college and career support through YouthPower365 programming. Two Mentors will be assigned per group of 10-15 students for monthly meetings throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Mentors will be provided with curriculum, materials, and guidance from YouthPower365.


Mentors will be asked to attend a mandatory day-long training on September 23rd at the YouthPower365 offices in Avon. Group mentoring sessions will take place at Gypsum Creek, Eagle Valley, Berry Creek, and Homestake Peak Middle Schools during the first week of each month, October-May, and will last 1.5 hours per session. Mentors are required to be over the age of 24, must pass a background check, and must have graduated from college. 

STEPS TO BECOMING A GROUP MENTOR _________________________________________________________________

  1. Complete our mentor application
  2. Meet with a YouthPower365 staff member for an interview
  3. Attend the initial Mentor Training Session, held on September 23, 2017
  4. Complete the criminal background check and screening process
  5. If applicant is a good fit, they will be assigned to a group based on gender, geographic preference, and scheduling


September 23 - Initial Mentor Training (mantadory for all mentors)

Berry Creek Middle School: First Tuesday of every month (January will be held on 1/9)

Eagle Valley Middle School: First Monday of every month (January will be held on 1/8)

Gypsum Creek Middle School: First Wednesday of every month (January will be held on 1/10)

Homestake Peak School: First Thursday of every month (January will be held on 1/11)

Complete the application below to make a difference in a young person's life today!