Parent Mentors Program

Engages and empowers parents in their children's education through volunteerism and training.

**2015 UPDATE**


After a very  successful Spring 2015 pilot semester in four elementary schools, based on 100% graduation rate, high attendance and goal achievement, as well as teacher and principal satisfaction surveys, TYF has expanded the program to serve 8 elementary schools. We committed to providing a Parent Mentor for every kindergarten classroom in these 8 schools and then expanded the serve Pre-K to second grade classrooms at each site based on Parent Mentor applications and profiles-English and formal education levels. We have 29 new PM, 13 returning PM. Of the PM that didn’t return to the program, we have documented their reasoning: job employment (Including ECS and EC Government) as well as 2 being hired by TYF as babysitters and 3 promoted as PM site Coordinators.

The coordinator role is crucial to the success of the program. It provides motivation and upward mobility for Parent Mentors who want to grow their leadership capacity and involvement in the community. It also provides the PM program monitoring for quality and consistency, as the coordinators are responsible for two schools and spend the time on site supporting the Parent Mentors and enhancing the involvement and the communication in the schools. School leaders have identified PM as leaders in the Hispanic community and are reaching out to engage and empower them for school opportunities including, PTA, taskforces and other events. We have a PM from last year who was nominated for local non-profit ERYC’s Parent of the Year!  

Multiple children of Parent Mentors have commented that their mom ‘is a role model for me’ and that she ‘encourages me to become involved in school because I see how important she is.’ We are tracking the children of PM in CiviCore and predict that they will have higher HS graduation rates and continuing education effort than their peers. PM from last year have reported that the experience has positively impacted their parenting-being more patient, more involved and their involvement in their children’s learning- reading routines, homework help, informed conversations about school culture, expectations and progress. 


Number of participants: 44 volunteers serving 600 students and 20 teachers
Locations: Avon, Eagle Valley, Gypsum and June Creek Elementary Schools
Contact: Melisa Rewold-Thuon at or 970.748.5980

YouthPower365's Parent Mentor program gives parents within our community the chance to be heard, gain education, become leaders, develop advocacy skills and build capacity to enrich the community. Parents of children enrolled in Eagle County Schools apply to become regularly scheduled volunteers in a classroom in their child's elementary school for the course of one school year. Parents are supported in this work by having babysitting provided during volunteer times. Training includes a three day intensive course on how to become a successful Parent Mentor and two hours of professional development weekly on topics of literacy and math instruction, financial literacy, English language instruction and digital literacy. 

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