Dark Star Orchestra Spring Tour West 2013

Back by popular demand, Dark Star Orchestra returns to once again recreate historic Grateful Dead set lists with compelling accuracy. Each night, the band performs one show from the over 2,500 that the Grateful Dead originally performed during their 30 year tenure as fathers of improvisational rock. Dark Star Orchestra presents the complete original set list, song by song, and in order, with uncanny faithful interpretation.

Precision is king with this group, who position the stage plot based on the year of Grateful Dead show they are performing. Dark Star Orchestra adapts their phrasing, voice arrangements, and even arranges specific musical equipment for the various eras in which they perform. At the end of every performance, the band announces the date and venue where the original show just covered took place.

"Quite possibly the most talented and accomplished tribute band out there.”- Rolling Stone Magazine

"...recreates the Dead concert experience with uncanny verisimilitude. In fact, Dark Star Orchestra often sounds more like the Dead than the Dead sometimes did." – Chicago Tribune