Sing Along with The Muppet Movie 4:30pm

Comparable to participatory film experiences like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heather Henson's Sing Alongs provide family-friendly, raucous interactions with the classic films of Heather’s father, Jim Henson. The IBEX Puppetry Sing Along crew brings elements of the films to life for the audience via puppetry, kiting, and shadow acting. 

“Sing Alongs allow me to connect with the work of my father. I can work with my Dad’s material. I can put a new spin on it but it’s still his stuff, intact. And it gives me an opportunity to watch them and over again!” ~Heather Henson

The Muppet Movie is the 1979 classic that represents the feature film roots of the Muppets. It received two Academy Award nominations and is listed in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant." 

The Muppet Movie follows Kermit the Frog as he embarks on a cross-country trip to Hollywood. Along the way, he meets many other misfit Muppets. They join Kermit to overcome danger, discover their true selves, and build a future of friendship together.

In this Sing Along, IBEX Puppetry leads an audience of cheering, singing fans to renew their Rainbow Connection with our fleecy friends who started it all. It’s full of interactive surprises like bubbles, streamers, kites, confetti pops, and characters coming right out of the screen into the audience. 
“The production is a hit with family-focused showings… older crowds (aka the lovers, the dreamers and me) will leave feeling a little more connected to that rainbow.” ~Seth Kubersky, The Orlando Weekly
Children and adults alike are urged to yell out famous lines, blow bubbles, dance in the aisles, and of course, sing along with the movies to forge new or renew connections to films from another generation.
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