Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer

Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer are two of the most respected bassists/composers performing today. Both are based in well-known, yet different, traditions which led to a mutual desire to collaborate. The two played an impromptu concert in 2007 and it was clear that it needed to happen again. Having done a short US tour in Autumn 2015 the two will join forces again in Spring 2017 with a program of new original music composed by both for this historical collaboration. McBride and Meyer, with nine GRAMMY awards between them, are sure to deliver an evening of virtuosity and creativity with a few musical surprises thrown in along the way!

McBride on Meyer:  I first became aware of Edgar about 25 years ago through the late, great Ray Brown. Ray asked if I’d heard Edgar play. When I said “no”, Ray immediately took me into his lab and showed me a video that he made with Edgar and Victor Wooten. I instantly became Edgar’s biggest fan. I’ve followed his career with a magnifying glass ever since, and he’s unquestionably one of the greatest virtuosos who has ever touched the bass. I’m very excited about playing alongside my inspirational friend. – Christian McBride

Meyer on McBride:  The first time I heard Christian I loved the way he played. From then on I wished that I could play like that and would periodically ask for lessons to no avail. In 2007 we played a concert together and THAT was a lesson. It seemed like the only way I was going to get the learning I desired was to play some more concerts together, (!) so that’s what we are going to do. – Edgar Meyer

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"McBride and Meyer take a flight of bass driven fancy… both repeatedly demonstrated their virtuosity."  – Arts Atlanta