STARS Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company


Recommended for grades 4 – 8

"The Elements of Dance" are elements found in all art forms. This performance demonstration shows that there are endless possibilities for creative expression! In any artistic experience, there is no prescribed way to respond. This is especially true when you are dealing with the concepts of SPACE, SHAPE, TIME, and MOTION. 

The motto of the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is "Dance is for Everybody." Everyday movements are the basis for dance. Everyone has the instrument for movement and everyone enjoys feeling the movements of the human body. The body has many parts which can move idependently from the rest of the body. Dancers try to find unique ways of moving by explorting how various parts of the body can move. 

More about Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company: Ririe-Woodbury (Rī-rē Woŏd-bûr-ē) Dance Company is Utah's most established institution for contemporary dance. The Company actively embraces and commissions the work of contemporary choreographers, tours worldwide, and develops dynamic education and community outreach programming. Through performance and educational undertakings, the Company pursues its mission to make dance a viable part of everyone’s lives– whether it be as creators, performers, dance educators, critics, or as participating audience members. Over the 53 years of its history, Ririe-Woodbury has toured nationally and internationally, always advocating the philosophy that “dance is for everybody.” Under the direction of Executive Director Jena Woodbury, Artistic Director Daniel Charon, and Education Director Ai Fujii Nelson, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is committed to building upon the vision of its founders as it continues to evolve as an important voice for innovation in contemporary dance and dance education.

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Photo by Stuart Ruckman

The STARS  series is underwritten by Pat and Pete Frechette and supported in part by funding from United Way of Eagle River Valley.  Additional support provided by Anonymous, Eagle Valley Community Fund, Susan & Harry Frampton, the Forrest & Frances Lattner Foundation, The Precourt Foundation, Ann Smead & Michael Byram, the Vilar Guild and the Soros Charitable Fund.