Mike Super Magic & Illusion

Mystifier Mike Super has been hailed by critics as the “DANE COOK” of MAGIC! Criss Angel himself praised Mike on LIVE Network Television in front of millions! Ellen DeGeneres brought Mike on her show to make her appear from nothing but shadows, and after he actually did it, she proclaimed… “I haven’t come out like that since the cover of TIME magazine!”

Mike was named the 2012 and 2011 Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year, and as the winner of NBC’s Phenomenon, Super is the ONLY magician in history to win a live magic competition on Primetime Network Television! (He’s the American Idol of Magicians!)

Imagine mind blowing illusions combined with the hilarity of a headline comedian. Mike Super has taken the performance of magic to new, mainstream levels that will reach out and literally touch you! Mike’s turned the magic show on its side and dumped it out into the audience! YOU become Mike’s onstage assistant!

Mike will hack into the audience’s brain and YOUR mind will be read! Witness scientific based time travel, take part in solving a murder mystery, delve into the paranormal AND…if that’s not freaky enough, Mike will take control of a spectator’s body using Voodoo magic! If you’d like, it could be YOU!

*Note: Ticket prices subject to change. 

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