International Evenings of Dance I

A magnificent cast of stellar artists from ballet, modern and contemporary dance share the stage in this signature Festival performance.

Two unique International Evenings bring “…new partnerships and debuts that would please the hearts of fans thousands of miles away.” –The New York Times

Read a review from The New York Times HERE.

Featuring Performances By:

*Tiler Peck, Lauren Lovette, Robert Fairchild, Craig HallChase Finlay, Zachary Catazaro and Joseph Gordon (New York City Ballet)  
*Isabella Bolyston and Herman Cornejo (American Ballet Theatre)  
*Shantala Shivalingappa  
*Carla Kӧrbes (Pacific Northwest Ballet)   
*Misa Kuranaga and Jeffrey Cirio (Boston Ballet)   
*Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Golding (The Royal Ballet)  
*Gabriel Missé & Analía Centurión   
*Fang-Yi Sheu  
*Lil Buck  
*Alessandra Ferri  
*Ron Myles  
*Brian Brooks (Brian Brooks Moving Company)  
*Haleem "Stringz" Rasul  
*King Charles  

Featuring Live Music By:

*Michael Block  
*Sandeep Das  
*Cameron Grant  
*Kathryn Hatmaker  
*Grace Park  
*Cristina Pato  
*Frank Shaw  
*James Hall  

Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at 970.845.TIXS(8497). Ticket pricing is based on demand and is subject to change.

Highlights of last year's International Evenings of Dance: 

Photo: Tiler Peck and Lil' Buck
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