Vail Valley Foundation History

Originally named the Vail Associates Foundation, and incorporated in 1981 as a public charity, the Vail Valley Foundation was created for the purpose of “raising and distributing funds for charitable purposes through the organization of educational, cultural, historical, artistic and athletic performances, events and attractions for the education and benefit of the community.”

Over the next two years, the name was shortened to the Vail Foundation. Then, in December of 1983, the name was officially changed to the Vail Valley Foundation in order to “reflect the scope of activities within the Foundation that are directed at the entire Vail Valley area”.

Over the years, the Vail Valley Foundation has developed a stellar list of annual programs and projects, while also spearheading the organizational efforts for major international events. Additionally, through an annual grant distribution process and capital projects such as the completion and enhancement of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, the VVF has totaled more than $9 million in support of local, regional and national nonprofit organizations and projects.

The Eagle River Preserve

The official dedication of Eagle River Preserve in 2009 marked the culmination of a four-year journey for the parcel, formerly known as Eaton Ranch. The Vail Valley Foundation and Eagle County began the process of raising the $12 million necessary to purchase the land for open space in 2004, closing on the property one year later. The parcel was immediately turned over to Eagle County with a strict conservation easement, managed by the Eagle Valley Land Trust.