About The Vail Valley Foundation

It comes as a surprise to no one that the Vail Valley is a remarkable place. Since 1981, the Vail Valley Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has been working toward preserving that reputation and the quality of life in the Vail Valley for its residents and guests.

A commitment to leadership in athletic, artistic, educational and community-based endeavors through annual programs such as the Vail Dance Festival, Vilar Performing Arts Center, Hot Summer Nights and ShowDown Town Free Concert Series, GoPro Mountain Games and World Cup Ski Racing

Because community enrichment and vitality begins with our youth, the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 supports a variety of year-round programming, from early childhood enrichment to scholarship support. Education is the key to fulfilling our mission and holds a significant presence in every project and partner we support.

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Vail Valley Foundation Mission

Inspiring Lives. Enriching Community.

The Vail Valley Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance and sustain the quality of life in the Vail Valley by providing leadership in the arts, athletics, and education.

To understand our mission, come participate in our community. Visit the “arts,” “athletics” and “education” areas of this site to learn more about the best-in-class events, programs and projects we host, and come see for yourself how our mission is realized beyond the events we host, to the impact we have on this community.

With the support and passion of our partners, we consider it a great privilege to bring the world to the Vail Valley and the Vail Valley to the world.

The Vail Valley Foundation